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Seeds of Unity 2020 is a grassroots movement dedicated to inspiring the American people to take political action and change the direction of our country through the symbol of the sunflower. It is a movement by the people, for the people! We would greatly appreciate your support and encourage you to spread the word to your friends and family. 

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Who We Are


The “blue wave,” of support for democratic candidates in November, clearly indicates the opinion of Americans. Unprecedented support for Democratic candidates all across the country, even in states, like Arizona, Texas and Georgia, where President Trump won a major victory in 2016, shows that disapproval of the country’s leadership under the Republican Party is growing. Although the success of the mid-term elections was a victory for Seeds of Unity, there is still work to do before we can regain hope for our country’s future and restore the dignity and morality that we have lost under two years of President Trump’s leadership. 

That is why Seeds of Unity 2020 is aspiring to bring people together from all backgrounds across the United States to unite and vote for new leadership in the 2020 elections. Seeds of Unity uses the symbol of the sunflower seed to symbolize the unity, and hope of the people of the U.S., in changing the leadership of our country for the benefit of the country and the world.    

With sunflowers sprouting all over neighbourhoods across the country, people will recognize they're part of a larger community and movement. You can even print your website on the seed packets to help promote your cause or candidate. 

It is our goal to use the symbol of the sunflower to remind U.S. citizens of the noble ideals our country was founded upon and of the role that each one of us plays in maintaining the dignity and integrity of our democracy. 

The sunflower symbolizes adoration, longevity, and loyalty, qualities which are associated with its namesake, the Sun. Indeed, it’s scientific name is Helianthus annus, and it is well known for its heliotropism, meaning that it turns to face the sun. Thus, like the sunflower, we hope that together we can turn towards a brighter future.

The sunflower is native to the Americas, with over 70 diverse varieties and is known to thrive in a wide variety of conditions. The beauty of the sunflower is in the wide range of sizes, colors and shapes that the flower grows in the Americas. Despite these differences, all sunflowers are hardy, and resilient, but also vibrant and cheerful. Thus, we hope to remind U.S. citizens of the diversity in our country, and that vibrancy and resilience arises from that diversity.

We hope that the symbol of the sunflower can be the start of a movement towards a more peaceful, united nation, where all people are treated with the equality, fairness and dignity they deserve. We hope the movement and message of hope can spread through the planting and growth of sunflowers all across the country.


Plant a movement. Change the U.S. through the 2020 elections.

During President Trump’s campaign, his slogan was to “Make America Great Again,” but since he took office in 2017 he has successfully polarized the nation with divisive, often racially, or sexually, discriminatory language, raised world tensions with countries such as North Korea and China, degraded long-fought-for environmental protection in the U.S., and perhaps worst of all, lost our country’s dignity, respect and place in the world as a moral compass. 

Almost immediately after being sworn in, President Trump, enacted a controversial travel ban on people from predominantly Middle Eastern countries - a ban that was found to be a violation of some of our country’s most valued rights, such as freedom of religion. His highly controversial “family separation policy,” which was a part of his administration’s zero-tolerance policy on immigration, violated basic human rights and cast a shadow on the moral authority of the U.S. And if that wasn’t enough, President Trump also received intense criticism for his inability to condemn the Neo-Nazis behind the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017. 

With regard to foreign relations, President Trump, has also evoked tensions and degraded traditional alliances with his un-presidential behavior and caustic rhetoric. In his first year, President Trump posed a threat to world peace with a series of inflammatory tweets directed at North Korea, boasting of the U.S’s ability to meet any North Korean threats with “fire and fury like the world has never seen before.” Recently, the report by special counsel, Robert Mueller, about suspected collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign, did not establish any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, but the investigation actually did not look specifically into collusion since it is not a legal term, and found that the Russian government believed it would benefit from a Trump presidency and made efforts to ensure that would happen. The report also found that Trump intervened several times into the investigation that he feared would end his presidency. In addition, U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, has refused to testify before the House about his decisions to exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice and to release a redacted version, instead of the unredacted version of the Mueller Report, which has been requested by the House Judiciary Committee. This, along with Robert Mueller's frustration with the version of the report released by Barr, calls into question how much the redacted version of the report is revealing to the public about the true conclusions of the Mueller investigation. 

The President also made significant steps towards reversing environmental protection policies, including pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, and allowing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota Access pipeline. Essentially the Trump Administration is opening up a significant amount of U.S. public land to oil and gas drilling through reduced regulations, and inhibiting the work of the EPA, until it has become virtually an agency in name only. 

President Trump has also used his primary platform of communication, Twitter, to condemn the free press, one of the most important institutions for maintaining a true democracy, claiming that the media spreads, “fake news.” In actuality, President Trump has often spouted lies in campaigns speeches and tweets. The Washington Post has even kept a record of the number of false or misleading statements made by the President since his inauguration, which is now well over 6,000. Throughout his time in office Trump has acted anything but presidential. 

Perhaps even worse than President Trump’s chaotic leadership, is the complacency and support that the Republican Party has given to President Trump. Although many Republicans may not announce outright support for some of the President’s decisions, complacency and a refusal to denounce President Trump’s wrong-doings is no better than outright support. 

In fact, under two years of Trump’s leadership, the Republican Party has been able to push a conservative agenda that is far from ideal for the majority of the U.S. population. While more attention is often given to Trump’s blunders and ridiculously embarrassing behavior by the media and public, much less notice has been given to the decisions that the Republican-controlled government has enacted. These actions include a tax cut for corporations and our country’s wealthiest, increases to the military budget, (both of which have inflated the deficit), the appointment of two highly conservative Supreme Court justices and many more ultra-conservative judicial appointments in lower courts. These decisions will only benefit a small group of the wealthiest U.S. citizens and thus, do not reflect the will of the majority. We can see the beginning of a push-back against the Republican-led government with the blue wave that swept the country in the 2018 mid-term elections. But that was only the start, and with an unthinkable amount of election scandals and instances of voter oppression aimed at favoring Republican candidates in the 2018 elections, it is more important than ever to grow the support for progressive candidates in the 2020 elections who will work for the benefit of all U.S. citizens and fight to reclaim the integrity and dignity that our country has lost.

An important message that resonates with Seeds of Unity and represents our mission is the concept of “the dignity of work,” a message verbalized by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. In his message, Brown explains his belief that all people should be valued for the work they contribute to society, whether they are a janitor or a CEO. Like Sherrod Brown, we at Seeds of Unity, believe in the dignity of all Americans and believe that when we work together and cooperate, we will be a stronger and better country. And that is why we can no longer allow a Republican-controlled government, led by a divisive, erratic and un-presidential leader, continue to lead our country. 

We must work together for the benefit of all and reclaim the unity and dignity that our country has lost since the election of Donald Trump.

Plant a movement. Change the U.S. through the 2020 Elections.


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